Holistic fitness at our one-of-a-kind facility, designed to unleash your body's maximum potential and have an amazing time doing so.

We offer group classes for every level, broken down by muscle group and training style, and each class is capped so everyone gets the individual attention they need from our world-class coaches.

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All Ages (12+) - 1.5 Hrs Class

Muscular endurance is the goal of ENDURE.  Push your body to the limit with high rep ranges and little rest as you move through various bodyweight exercises utilizing multiple muscle groups.

Just like POWER, Exercise Progressions are based on each individuals' ability level - and everyone is welcome!


All Ages (12+) - 1.5 Hrs Class

Develop explosive strength and total bodyweight control in POWER!  Here you'll give nothing short of maximum effort to power through challenging, total-body movements.

Just like ENDURE, Exercise Progressions are based on each individuals' ability level - and everyone is welcome!


All Ages (12+) - 1.5 Hrs Class

SKILL focuses on form and technique in efforts to master amazing calisthenics movements.  Learn how to Handstand, Muscle-Up, Human Flag, Planche (and much more), and leverage your true strength with expert training and guidance.  All skill and ability levels are welcome!



All Ages (12+) - 1.5 Hrs Class

LEGDAY combines lower-body and core exercises to give your body the strong base it needs.  This includes exercises and training for stronger Squats, faster Sprints, longer and higher Jumps, advanced Bridges and Abdominal strength.  All strength and ability levels are welcome!

CR SHRED                        (Bodyweight HIIT)

All Ages (12+) - 1 Hr Class

CR Shred - Bodyweight HIIT is our innovative approach to 'high-intensity interval training' (HIIT) style workouts.  Here we'll guide you through an intense, calorie burning, full body workout.  All strength and ability levels welcome - this is a great place to start!


All Ages (12+) - Up to 2 Hr Session

Our gym is YOUR gym!  OPEN GYM is a self-paced, workout-on-your-own session.  Take advantage of all our equipment and gear.  One of our awesome coaches will be present for guidance as needed.


Fundamental Yoga

All Ages (12+) - 1 Hr Class

Fundamental Yoga is the place to start if you have never tried yoga or would consider yourself a beginner.  Here you will learn basic poses and flow geared towards active individuals.

Flow Yoga

All Ages (12+) - 1 Hr Class

Flow Yoga is for those who wish to progress beyond the beginning stages, become comfortable with the poses and want to develop greater flexibility and body control through flow known as Vinyasa.

Yin Yoga

Adults Ages 18+ - 1 Hr Class

Yin yoga focuses on the slow and patient stretching of the fascial layer of the body (deep muscles, ligaments, tendons).  Excellent for athletes and non-athletes alike as it balances the mostly 'yang' aspects of life's activities, it is a deeply meditative practice.


Personal Training

Personal Training is the best option for those that want a customized training plan, one-on-one instruction and nutritional guidance.

Our world-class trainers will build you a tailored program based on your body stats and personal goals, then take you through each 1 hour session's warmup, workout and cool-down.  All your data will be tracked and re-assessed as you progress through your training.

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Party Rentals

Rent out our entire gym for your next event!

Party rentals include 2 hours of gym time reserved exclusively for your group, all of our equipment and gear setup how you would like, one coach present for guidance and party amenities.

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